We’re Certified Ketogenic!

Sukrin USA is proud to announce five of our products have become Keto Certified! As evaluated by Certified Ketogenic, some of our most popular products officially have the seal of keto-friendly approval:



Who is Certified Ketogenic?

Certified Ketogenic has made it their mission to promote and support ketogenic businesses and products that are adhering to the standards of ketogenic nutrition. Founded in 2016, Certified Ketogenic helps consumers be more knowledgeable and have confidence the products claiming to be keto-friendly are, in fact, ketogenic.

Certified Ketogenic keeps up to date about the latest findings on the keto friendliness of certain ingredients and are sure this is backed up by scientific evidence. If they find a product can no longer be considered ketogenic, they will inform their followers promptly.


What does it mean to be Keto Certified?

To be certified ketogenic, means that these products fit the standards of a keto-friendly diet. Keto diets have been found to have benefits against diabetes, cancer, epilepsy, and Alzheimer’s disease.

They are low on carbs, yet high in fat, which is what you need in order to lose weight. The basis of a keto diet is for your body to be low in the sugars that come from the carbohydrates you consume. This will cause your body to use fat instead of carbs in order to fuel itself, thus resulting in weight loss.

Several studies have found a variety of benefits in a keto diet. One study found that following a low carb, ketogenic diet helped to keep the weight off in the long-term. Losing an average of 2  pounds more than another group that followed a low fat diet (source). Another found that those following a ketogenic diet for 8 weeks lost five time as much total body fat than those on a low fat diet (source).


Why It Matters

While all the products we offer on Sukrin USA are healthier alternatives to help aid those who need a special diet or are looking to live a healthy lifestyle; those who are following the ketogenic diet can now know for sure that Sukrin products are perfectly suited for the process.

It is a great honor to be able to place the Certified Ketogenic seal on our products. We hope our customers will appreciate knowing that their choice of our products is aligned with a ketogenic diet, and that we are truly dedicated to fostering a healthier lifestyle with you.