In House Blood Sugar Test Results for the New Sukrin Syrup Gold

As some might have heard, Sukrin is launching a fully updated series of our delectable, rich syrups. The new syrup family boasts a Maple Syrup in addition to the new Gold Syrup – and we’re expecting more variants later this year. Before launching our new Sukrin Syrup family, we decided here at Sukrin USA to put the new Gold Syrup to the test in terms of its impact on our blood glucose. Please note that this is by no means a proper scientific experiment nor is it meant to prove any property of the new Syrups – it was solely done and posted for purely informational purposes. Using the Keto Mojo – a ketone and blood glucose, plus hematocrit and hemoglobin monitoring system, we tested the blood glucose levels of four of Sukrin’s employees: first off in the morning (fasting) and again after digesting 2 tablespoons of the Gold Syrup, equivalent to a serving, and nothing else. The results were as follows:

– R: 83
– P: 99
– E: 108
– T: 89

An hour after a 2 tbsp serving of the new Syrup Gold:
– R: 89
– P: 97
– E: 101
– T: 89

Though highly unscientific, we were pleased with these results, there were no significant spikes or drops in blood glucose. Keep in mind that this was just an in-house test, you should always test your own if you are concerned about your blood glucose levels.

Sukrin Syrup contains less than 2 % sugars. This means it causes a marginal effect on the blood sugar, making it a safe choice for diabetics and anyone concerned with keeping their blood sugar levels stable. Please also note that the ingredient used for the updated Syrups is approved by the FDA as a dietary fiber.

For more information on scientific studies regarding health benefits please visit the links below:

Supports healthy blood glucose levels by decreasing postprandial glycaemic response.
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