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Sukrin Gluten Free Seriously

Sukrin Gluten Free Claim So, we make a Sukrin gluten free claim and we say our mixes are gluten free – but what does that mean, really? Is it just another “marketing term” like so many other fancy labels out there, designed to make the consumer think she is buying something that is healthy, good, natural, […]

Sugar Free Hazelnut Ice Cream

The below recipe has been translated from one of the leading Danish low carb food blogs: ravfood.com – where Kathe Rav spoils her readers with delicious and healthy recipes! This Sugar Free Hazelnut Ice Cream is almost sinful in all of its deliciousness – with a taste like sweet, soft nougat. The taste is derived primarily […]

Two New Saver Packages Launched

      To make it easier to try the new, all-natural and non-GMO products of Sukrin, Sukrin USA today launched the new Try & Save product packages. The packages bundle the most popular products within the sugar substitute/sweetener product line as well as within the flour/bread mix line and create a well-rounded selection for trying out either […]

Try Sukrin and blog about it!

  Do you want to try the newly introduced Sukrin products? And do you want to tell & show others? Sukrin – the preferred zero calorie Scandinavian sweetener brand – just opened its US store and invite you to stop by and check out the products. Our mission is to make it easier for you to avoid […]