Sugar Free Pistachio Ice Cream

Serves: 4

Hands On: 15 minutes

Total: 15 minutes


Nutritional Information:

Net Carbs- 8.3g

Protein- 7.3g

Fat- 42.7g

Calories- 436kcal


Creamy and rich with the unmistakable flavor of pistachio,

this ice cream will become a must-have in any family.



1 cup pistachios

4 egg yolks

2 cups heavy cream

2 cups coconut milk

¼ cup Sukrin Bake

1 tablespoon glycerin


Additional pistachios chopped and toasted, optional



Toast the pistachios over medium heat in a saucepan for about 5 minutes until they smell fragrant. Do not wander off or get distracted by your Instagram feed while the nuts are toasting, they will go from toasted to burned in the blink of an eye!

Reduce the heat to low. Add the cream and the Sukrin Bake and bring to a bare simmer, or until bubbles start to form around the edge of the pot.

Remove from the heat, cover and let steep for 30 minutes.

Place the pistachio and cream mixture into a blender along with the egg yolks, coconut milk and the glycerin.

Blend until smooth.

Refrigerate until cold.

Freeze in an ice cream machine according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

If desired, you can add additional chopped and toasted pistachios during the last few minutes of mixing or add them as a garnish when serving.


Store, frozen, for up to 1 month.

Remove from freezer and allow to soften for about 10 minutes before serving.


This recipe was created by the talented Naomi Sherman, creator of