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Homemade Dog Treats with Cashew Butter

Reward your four-legged friend with something both delicious and healthy! Made with only natural ingredients, these treats are nutritious and incredibly simple to make. They can help a pet that may have digestive issues, while also providing many nutrients and vitamins. One sniff of these yummy treats are sure to get tails wagging non-stop.   […]

Fudgy Ice Cream Sandwiches

Fudgy Ice Cream Sandwiches Hands On Time: 10 minutes Total Time: 35 minutes Makes: 20 cookies   Nutritional Information:  Calories – 107 kcal  Net Carbs – 1.9g  Fat – 9.3g  Protein – 4g   Soft and fudgy on the inside with a hint of crispy shell, these decadent cookies are perfect to sandwich our Sugar-Free […]

Chocolate & Raspberry Tarts

Chocolate & Raspberry Tarts Hands On Time: 30 minutes Total Time: 45 minutes, plus chilling Makes: 1 large tart or four small tarts Serves: 8   Nutritional Information:  Calories – 248 kcal Net Carbs – 6g  Fat – 22g Protein – 6.3g   Who can say no to the amazing combination of chocolate and berry? […]

Brownie Ice Cream Cake

Brownie Ice Cream Cake Hands On Time: 15-30 minutes Total Time: 30-45 minutes plus chilling time Serves: 12   Nutritional Information: Calories – 272.3 kcal  Carbs – 3.7g  Fat – 25.6g  Protein – 6.11g   This is a spectacular showstopper to finish off any celebration. The combination of rich chocolate brownie and creamy indulgent vanilla […]

Boozy Brownies

Boozy Brownies Hands On Time: 15 minutes Total Time: 45 minutes Serves: 12   Nutritional Information:  Calories – 274 kcal Net Carbs – 3.8g Fat – 24.7g Protein – 7.7g   Father’s Day is coming up soon and Dads are pretty special. You know what else is special? Chocolate. And also, rum. Combine chocolate with […]

Orange Mousse

Sugar free and filled with delicious orange flavor, this Orange Mousse is the perfect summer treat! Simply made while providing a striking visual, you can replace the orange flavor with any other berry or citrus. From strawberry or raspberry to lemon or lime,  surprise guests with a different flavor each time, all while keeping a […]