Showcasing The Unsweetened Tooth

A little while back, we received a “mysterious package” here at Sukrin USA. Excited like a child on Christmas, we opened it and found the most picture perfect cheesecake – sent from The Unsweetened Tooth. The Unsweetened Tooth is a new no-sugar-added bakery in West Seattle that believe that people with sugar restrictions and other special dietary needs should not be deprived of memorable desserts. They offer baked-to-order no sugar added traditional cheesecake, brownies, cookies, cakes and confections – and items can be picked up or shipped. The cheesecake came in the cutest tin – and the taste was absolutely to die for. It was a baked cheesecake and it came with a cute mason jar of the most delectable no sugar added lemon curd – and it was gone from our plates before we knew it.

So, why was this cake sent to Sukrin USA? Well, The Unsweetened Tooth explains: “To provide pastries not only with “no sugar added”, but to also meet the requests for a Keto diet, we tested 5 additional substitute sugars to find the perfect one. We needed a sugar substitute which was excellent for baking, had no aftertaste and was compatible with our product line. We went through many iterations of the recipes until our test group approved the product. Our group particularly responded well to the pastries made with Tagatesse from Sukrin USA, praising the texture and the lack of aftertaste.

The Unsweetened Tooth is very conscious and diligent in the sourcing of our ingredients. We use the purest of ingredients from providers who do not have a long list of chemical additives. Our ingredients are both natural and high quality. We are committed to the overall health of a person, therefore we not only create products with “no sugar added” but make sure all the ingredients are the finest we can obtain in the market.  Tagatesse from Sukrin USA is one of these ingredients. and meets the requirements of a Keto Diet.”

And the internal vote in Sukrin USA was unanimous: We would pick the no sugar added cheesecake from The Unsweetened Tooth with the lemon curd over a regular sugar added cheesecake any day!

Select Tagatesse products:

Tagatesse – a Tagatose based sweetener with fantastic properties such as browning and caramelizing, easily dissolving in hot and cold usage and no weird, cool or chemical aftertaste! Low calorie and low carb.

Chocolate Hazelnut Spread –  a chocolate spread with a gorgeous chocolate and hazelnut flavor. Rich and creamy with no sugar added. Each large serving of 2 tablespoons provides 140 calories and only 2 net carbs!

No Sugar Added Jams – delicious jams with 50% sugar and no added sugar. Sweetened with tagatose. Low calorie and low carb – but high marks for taste!

No Sugar Added Ketchup – with a taste just like the leading brand, this low carb, no sugar added tomato ketchup is everyone’s favorite.

Tagatesse is produced by Belgian company Damhert Nutrition and imported to the US by Sukrin USA.

*Tagatose is considered an ingredient, not an additive. In 1999, the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) declared that Tagatose was completely safe as an ingredient. This was confirmed by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) in 2007.