Can’t decide which loaf mix to get? There is no need to choose just one, we have created the perfect bundle that includes all of Sukrin’s delicious loaf mixes! Sukrin Loaf Mixes come in THREE delicious flavors; Fiber, Protein and Chia! All of these mixes are gluten, sugar, wheat, yeast and soy free! Easy to bake – just add water- no kneading or proofing required!

This bundle includes:

Fiber Loaf Mix

Protein Loaf Mix

Chia Loaf Mix

We have a delicious 10 pack of Sukrin’s delicious Milk Chocolate with Almonds and Sea Salt! This chocolate has a gorgeous flavor that is rich, crunchy and delicious with almonds and sea salt. This chocolate has NO SUGAR ADDED! It is sweetened with natural sweeteners; Sukrin and Stevia. Did we mention, they are also free of soy and are non-GMO!

If you want your salads to be the best dressed in the country, these are a must try! The vibrant and zesty vinegars are created using only the best organic pomegranates and raspberries from southern Europe and naturally maturing their juice in traditional wooden barrels. Only the purest ingredients like nature intended. These vinegars are incredible diverse and can be used in cooking, salad dressings or diluted with water and served as a refreshing drink.

What is better than one sugar free, gluten free, low carb and calorie chocolate bar? A whole bundle of them! We are bringing you a Tagatesse bundle of all of their delicious flavors! These chocolate bars are reaching their “Best By” date (which is shown below) and we have to get them out of here! The chocolates are still good well past their “Best By” date.

This bundle includes:

Grab these delicious chocolates while you can, once they are gone, they aren’t coming back!