Just recently, Sukrin USA launched a series of high quality products from our European partner in Belgium. A number of these products are specifically developed to a gluten free audience – and have been tried and tested to provide an as good or better taste experience as similar products with gluten.

Initially, we tested the Organic Gluten Free Bread Mix for making white bread. Gluten free white bread is very often a somewhat dry affair and many of the breads offered for sale are boring, have large holes and generally taste a little bit like cardboard. NOT the Organic Gluten Free Bread! It was fairly easy to make and the result was a crunchy, chewy and moist white bread. One of our taste testers – a young man with Coeliac’s Disease – stated that not only was this the best gluten free bread, he had ever tasted – it was the best artisan bread ever! He also ended up consuming a whole large loaf over the course of a day and a half – thrilled to be able to enjoy a real delicious white bread for once. The bread mix is lactose free and is priced very competitively for gluten free breads.

The Gluten Free Pancake Mix is not really for pancakes in the traditional American sense of the word. In Europe, pancakes are most often crepes and this is what this mix is for – or it can be used to make the most delicious waffles. The mix is lactose free but the recipe for crepes does require the addition of milk. Waffles require no milk – and can be made sugar free with the use of a Sukrin sweetener or Tagatesse in place of the sugar

Another classic from the Belgian gluten free product range are the Chocolate Cream Cookies – effectively gluten free Oreos! These delicious cookies have fast become a sought after delicacy by everyone who has tried them. With their crunchy dark chocolate exterior and the sweet white cream, they are irresistible and are guaranteed to satisfy the sweet tooth of those having to avoid gluten – as well as everyone else.

Make sure to try some or all of these fantastic gluten free products with your next order of your favorite Sukrin products:-)

NB! The gluten free products described in this post are NOT low-carb options – they are developed specifically for a gluten free audience.

Organic Gluten Free White Bread Mix

Contents: 14.1 oz (400g)

Easy to bake in the oven or a bread machine

Makes a delicious artisan white gluten free bread

Organic and vegan-friendly

Allergens: Does not contain Gluten, Nuts, Lactose, Milk, Egg.

Gluten Free Crepes/Waffles Mix

Contents: 14.1 oz (400g)

Makes 12-16 crepes or 8-10 waffles

Easy to make, gluten free crepes or waffles

Organic, gluten free and lactose free

Does not contain: Milk, egg or wheat

Gluten Free Chocolate Vanilla Cream Cookies

Contents: 4.4 oz (125g)

Delicious, crunchy chocolate cookies with vanilla filling.

Irresistible gluten free “Oreos”

Gluten free and lactose free

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